The #1 Myth About Financial Planning

The thought of financial planning can be a lot of things.  Overwhelming, Liberating, Scary and Exciting.  It’s a smorgasbord of emotions and a journey to financial freedom with a healthy dose of reality.

The number one myth about financial planning — is that it happens just once.

Does a personal trainer hand you a workout plan and you just get fit? Or you go to the doctor’s office when you're sick and you instantly become healthy? No.

Financial planning is not a book, guide, theory, series, fad, or a numbers diet. Yes, there are books, guides, theories, series and fads on financial planning. And people do try and binge save for a single goal.

Yes, keeping up with the Jones' is hard work -- But they're broke.

And that’s not what this is all about — that’s not what it should be.

True Financial Planning

Financial Planning is a living, breathing way to connect the numbers positively with your life.  The way diets become nutritional changes in lifestyles — planning success requires an embrace of the numbers.

You can plan for a single goal in much the same way you do a crash diet. But to reach your full potential, you’ll first need to change the way you think about financial planning.

You can create an ongoing and consistent balance in your financial life.  You can financially balance today and tomorrow.

Be it daily financial organization, balancing budgets, new cars, and trips, or longer term goals like education planning, a home purchase, a second home or retirement. They’re goals you can achieve, improve and make your own. You can achieve more than you know but without the support of your financial life, it’s difficult to maintain it — or sometimes even enjoy it.

An advisor can coach -- you provide the motivation and technical knowledge. But it’s up to you to take action and make something of your financial future.

Commit to change, commit to true financial planning and reach your financial goals.