Aura Digital Safety App Review | Identity Theft Protection

The Aura digital safety app is so much more than just an app.  It protects your digital identity and devices and some parts you probably didn't realize need protecting.  I have updated this post a few times, added more videos on Aura and each time I'm more impressed and feel that much more at ease with my digital footprint.

The Identity Theft Challenge

Keeping your digital life and your identity protected has become increasingly more difficult. We have so many different types of devices now. We have tablets, phones, laptops, and computers. The list goes on.

We also have a ton of different types of accounts, like bank accounts, credit cards, debit cards, investment accounts, and retirement plans. Yes, your 401k, 403(b), SEP, SIMPLE, IRA or Roth IRA are all at risk of theft. I didn't think this was possible either with the high level of security required of financial institutions.

It doesn't make sense how your retirement plan could be at risk because you don't hand out your retirement plan account number in the same way you do with your credit or debit cards, but it happens.

Why I'm Reviewing Aura

I'm reviewing Aura, because it's a paid video but NOT a paid post.  I did sign up for Aura and so far intend to keep it.  I did drop by a previous protection provider that is a very well-known company specifically because they kept trying to upsell me in the app.  Not an experience that I'm having with Aura, thankfully.

Identity Theft Statistics

Every 7 seconds there is a victim of identity theft. Identity theft has been on the rise. According to the Consumer Sentinel Network, Data Book 2020, the number of identity theft and fraud reports has risen from 335,519 in 2001 to over 4.7 million in 2020.

The report breaks down types of fraud, methods, and amounts lost.  It's not surprising the top payment methods for fraud are credit and debit cards.  However, I was very shocked by the fraud report by contact method.  The number one spot was phone calls.  You might be thinking, no, this is not surprising given all those robocalls everyone receives.

But, it is surprising when you realize that phone call fraud amounts to a staggering loss of $436 million and texts $86 million. So, seriously, stop picking up those robocalls!

The Aura Signup Process

The video does a much better job of explaining the signup process.  In fact, I signed up in the video to show you all the screenshots and steps involved.  It was super easy.  You can signup using my affiliate link here.

The Aura Setup Process

Again, this was really easy to do. I suggest watching the video walk-through since you can follow along with the visuals. I installed the computer app first, which consisted of malware and antivirus protection.  Then I connected a few of my accounts for identity and fraud protection and finally I installed the app on my iPhone.

The Aura Review after a few weeks

It's seamless.  It's simple.  It just works.

Again, I'm not being paid to do this follow-up.  I just decided to write this post along with this video.  I have not had any issues with the Aura app or identity theft service.  No annoying pop-ups trying to upsell me.

I did tweak my account transaction alerts since I originally set it too low.  I was getting alerts every day but it was a simple tweak.

All in all, I recommend Aura and would love to hear what you think.