Best College Savings Plan

best college savings plan

There are several options for college savings plans. The best plans offer flexibility in saving, tax-free growth, and a wide range of investment options. In my opinion, the 529 college savings plans and the Coverdell Education Savings accounts are among the top plans. However, the Coverdell ESA usually offers more investment options than the 529…

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529 College Savings Plan Gifting

I was setting up my youngest daughters 529 College Savings Plan the other day and saw a gifting link on the 529 plan website.  I’m always being asked how much to set aside for college and what are the best plans and strategies.  But most of those strategies are funded by you and thought maybe…

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529 College Savings Plan Cost Calculator

Here is the link to the 529 Plan cost calculator.  The link originated on the Utah 529 Plan but they are not the designer or responsible for the data.  It is accurate but I wanted to point that out because I did mention it in the video.

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