How to work with a Financial Advisor

If you are making the decision to work with a financial advisor, Congratulations!  You have made the bold decision to reach your fullest potential and go where you probably couldn’t go alone.

Are you wondering how to work with a financial advisor or don’t know what to expect?

Fear not, here is your financial advisor manual.

The Manual for Client’s and Future Clients


  1. Human.  Your financial advisor is not Harry Potter and he can’t change the market conditions.  When you go see your doctor about a sore throat, you didn’t blame the doc for getting sick, did you?  Well, then don’t blame your financial advisor when the market doesn’t perform well.
  2. Advice.  Your financial advisor went through a lot of trouble putting together the advice he or she is giving to you.  It’s okay to have questions.  It’s okay to get a second, third and fourth opinion.  However, once you decided to take the advice, take it.  It’s NOT okay to take half the advice and expect the full result.  It’s not an a la carte buffet.  Which brings me to my next point.
  3. Team.  There is no “I,” in team.  You are on a team.  The best teams play well together.  They don’t hold back information that can affect the rest of the team.  If you didn’t pay your taxes for 3 of the last 4 years, then that’s important information you should tell your financial advisor.  If you went from stocks to cash under your mattress at the first sign of a market downturn, that’s important information.  It not only affects the performance and effectiveness of the team and ultimately you, but also challenges the trust of your team.
  4. Communication. This point can really solve a lot of issues people have when working with a financial advisor.  Be open about your goals, your dreams and everything in between.  It’s really important to let your financial advisor know how you would like to be coached as you go down your financial journey.  What drives you, motivates you, and moves you?  Do you need a Drill Sargent or a cheerleader?  Letting your financial advisor know who you are is really important.


Your financial advisor is most likely human and has some good advice.  If you work as a team and apply some good communication it’s possible that you may reach your financial goals.  I hope these directions for working with your financial advisor helps.  Good luck!